Re-Open Mission Hospital in Huntington Park

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The crisis in health care in Huntington Park is acute and local clinics are now being overwhelmed by the closure of Mission Hospital.  Call or fax the United States Department of the Treasury and tell them that Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner should order the IRS to release its lien to enable Mission Hospital to re-open and serve the community:

Tel:  (202) 622-2000 Fax: (202) 622-6415


Civil Rights Commission

P.O. Box 433 Torrance California 90508-0433

E-mail:  admin@calulac.org Web:  www.calulac.org

December 13, 2010

Representative Lucille Roybal-Allard

2330 Rayburn House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515

By Fax: (202) 226-0350

Representative Lucille Roybal-Allard

255 E. Temple St., Ste. 1860

Los Angeles, CA 90012-3334

Fax: (213) 628-8578

Honorable Representative Roybal-Allard:

LULAC is requesting your assistance to expedite a decision by the Internal Revenue Service that will enable a much needed health care facility to reopen in your district.  The shuttered hospital known as Mission Hospital (2926 E Slauson Ave) in Huntington Park is currently closed down, a situation which serves no purpose.  There is a total of $4,132,623.34 due by Karykeion, Inc., the owner and operator of the Hospital, currently in chapter 11, as Case No.: 01:08-bk-17254-MT (Judge Mariane Thiegh), for Payroll Taxes, which are currently levied against the License of the Hospital.

The Feeding and Teaching organization (with participation from LULAC volunteers) have been feeding at its food bank, many of the former employees and patients of this hospital. Feeding and Teaching has been able to entice the Small Business Incubator Foundation to reopen the facility, but the IRS is unable to move forward on releasing its lien, to enable an immediate re-opening of the hospital.

$7,859,927.00 is being recouped by the Debtor, to pay the IRS Tax Liens, which is being deposited into the Karykeion, Inc., account as of December 15, 2010, as is evidenced by a Settlement filed with the BK court in Adv. Case No. 01:10-ap-01435-MT, for which a Debtors Emergency Motion for Approval was scheduled for hearing on November 30, 2010.

Taxpayer Identification Number-Payroll:16-1632818

Person to Contact at the IRS: Carolyn Hudson at 213-576-4484.

A decision needs to be expedited by the IRS to release this lien.  Please assist us and the community at large in getting the IRS paid from the money being deposited from the recouped funds from Medicare, and allow the hospital to reopen.   That way, 50 years of service to the community, of children being delivered and cared for within the immediate community can resume immediately, without issues of re-licensure which could be impossible to overcome.

Time is of the essence.  Judge Thiegh, has a hearing on December 16, 2010, at which time Feeding and Teaching would like to present a letter from the community regarding the urgency of the immediate settlement of the IRS matter, and the advocacy for reopening Mission Hospital.

Respectfully Yours,

Jan B. Tucker National Commissioner for Civil Rights & Chair, California Civil Rights Commission

League of United Latin American Citizens


Susana Chavez R.I.P.

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Susana Chavez

The Latin Americanist

The English-language forum for all things Latin American, covering business, politics, and culture.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mexican women’s’ rights activist killed

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the U.S., a day to commemorate the achievements of the renowned civil rights activist. Though his hard work helped advance the cause of civil rights globally, there are activists around the world who continue his legacy in favor of the downtrodden and disadvantaged. Susana Chavez of Mexico was one of those individuals up until her untimely death.

For many years Chavez campaigned against the unsolved murders of hundreds of women in northern Mexico. She helped create the slogan “Ni Una Mas” (“Not One More Death”), which served as a battle cry for local women’s rights activists against the string of “femicidies” since the early 1990s. She participated in an organization called May Our Daughters Return Home, which represented the families and loved ones of the female victims.

Chavez’ body was identified last week by her family after police found her corpse on January 6th. Three suspects were arrested after they reportedly confessed to mutilating and murdering Chavez. Authorities said that her death was not related to her activism but was instead the result of an “unfortunate encounter” with the three teens that strangled her after an argument. The accused allegedly cut off her hand to give the false impression that drug gangs were behind her death.

Unfortunately Chavez’ murder came weeks after another Ciudad Juarez activist was slain:

Chavez’s killing happened less than a month after the murder of Marisela Escobedo, the mother who set up shop in front of the state governor’s office to demand the arrest of the killer of her 16-year-old daughter. Escobar alone investigated the whereabouts of the perpetrator, who was eventually set free by a panel of judges, despite confessing to the crime. The judges are currently being investigated for the decision.

Chavez’ blog, Primera Tormenta, revealed her very moving and touching poetry in honor of those killed and whose murders have gone mostly in impunity. “Blood of my own, blood of sunrise, blood of a broken moon, blood of silence” has reportedly become the motto of those who wish to continue her efforts for justice for the women in Ciudad Juarez.

Image- Reuters via BBC News Online Sources- COLORLINES, BBC News, Milenio, The Independent, New American Media, Primera Tormenta, MSNBC


Human Trafficking At Super Bowl

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Human Trafficking

Just a few years ago in Los Angeles, only two FBI agents of the five person Civil Rights unit were assigned to combating human trafficking.  None of the agents were Spanish speaking (in Los Angeles???). The head of the unit demanded and practically begged for more women and Spanish speaking agents and finally got them, and then got forced out of the department for his efforts.

Now, change.org is launching a campaign against human trafficking at the Super Bowl:

Every year, children as young as 11 are trafficked involuntarily to Super Bowl cities. There, football fans – usually men, often inebriated – will pay traffickers to have sex with them.

The Texas Attorney General estimates these kids have a life expectancy of just seven years from the time they’re first trafficked.

This year, the Super Bowl Host Committee is charged “to engage in responsible planning . . . to ensure the readiness of North Texas to host the first Super Bowl in the Cowboys’ new stadium.”

Local anti-trafficking groups have repeatedly offered to help the Committee use its influence to educate fans and the public about the dangers of child trafficking — which could help to prevent thousands of rapes and abuses at America’s biggest sporting event.

But the Host Committee has refused to take meaningful action. And thousands of children will pay the price.

Tell the 2011 Super Bowl Host Committee to take a stand against child trafficking.

In Dallas, a terrific local organization called Traffick911 has created the “I’m Not Buying It” campaign. They’ve offered the Host Committee free PSAs, posters, banners and informational cards to educate the public and protect children from being abused and raped.

But the Host Committee refuses to display the information.

The Committee is working hard right now to generate good publicity for North Texas and the game, so public pressure at this moment will be especially powerful.

Tell the Super Bowl Host Committee that they have a responsibility to protect the children who’ll be trafficked to Texas for the Super Bowl:


After you sign, please forward this email to friends and family to let them know about this crisis, and how they can help.

Thanks for taking action,  – Patrick and the Change.org team


A Civil Rights Agenda for California

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