Rape in South Africa

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From Change.org:

South Africa

A small group of lesbian activists from the poverty-stricken townships of Cape Town walked into South African parliament on Monday and convinced their government to finally start fighting the country’s decades-old scourge of “corrective rape” — where men rape lesbian women to “turn” them straight. You made that moment possible.

Late last year, these activists called on the world to help them pressure their leaders to take action on corrective rape. We answered their call, and more than 170,000 Change.org members from 163 countries joined with them, making this the largest campaign of all time on Change.org.

Three and a half months later, they succeeded. Teaming up with 23 major South African organizations, they got some of the most powerful officials in the country to agree to bring together various government arms and civil society groups to develop and implement a national action plan to combat corrective rape.

The ministry officials asked for details of specific cases in need of immediate attention, committed to a series of meetings beginning in six weeks, and promised to present concrete proposals to prevent corrective rape by the next meeting.

It’s an astounding victory, far beyond what we ever could have imagined when we set out late last year. Now these activists need your help holding the government accountable for its commitments.

If there was any question about the effect you had, the chief of staff himself confirmed it: At one point in the session he explicitly said, in a pleading voice, “Please don’t petition us again.”

But that’s exactly what we need to do. The government is making a series of urgent decisions on sexual violence legislation in the next few weeks, and South African activists need your help in pressuring them to follow up their words with tangible action:




New Prison Rape Regulations Proposed by Feds

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Prison Rape

On January 24th the United States Department of Justice released a proposed rule pertaining to the elimination of prison rape and sexual abuse in America’s prisons and correctional facilities.  The proposed rule contains four separate sets of national standards: adult prisons and jails, juvenile facilities, lockups and community confinement facilities.

The proposed rule was published to the Federal Register on February 3, 2011 and is available for public comment for 60 days. All comments must be submitted by midnight on April 4, 2011. We are strongly encouraging you to read the proposed rule and provide your comments to the Justice Department, if you have not already done so. Once the proposed rule is implemented, adhering to them will be mandatory.

The proposed rule can be accessed at www.ojp.usdoj.gov/programs/pdfs/prea_nprm.pdf.  Written comments being sent via regular or express mail should be sent to:

Robert Hinchman, Senior Counsel

Office of Legal Policy

United States Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Room 4252

Washington, DC 20530

Comments may also be sent electronically through http://www.regulations.gov using the electronic comment form provided on that site.